Bar’s Head Gasket Fix Sealant Review

Bar’s Head Gasket Fix Sealant is the most popular out of three head gasket sealants produced by Bar’s Leaks company. All three work to fix head gasket leaks, but there are differences. Compared to other two products Bar’s Head Gasket Fix is easier to install and costs only $25. It is also designed to repair blown head and intake gasket leaks, but is not as powerful as the Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant. The other thing that it doesn’t have is water wetting agent which stops overheating and reduces water temperature. Bar’s Head Gasket Fix is a great product for cars that can idle for 20 min without overheating or having to add coolant. To use this sealer you don’t need to draining the cooling system.

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My Review

My uncle is a mechanic who buys and sells used cars. A lot of times he buys cars with a blown head gasket for only a few hundred dollars, fixes them and then sells them. Since many car owners are horrified when they see a white smoke coming out of the car, they are just happy to get rid of it. One of those cars was 2003 Dodge Stratus. It had number of problems: slow acceleration, white smoke that had a funny smell to it, the coolant was disappearing and slight overheating. We decided to use Bar’s Head Gasket Repair product because it costs only $15.

The process of using the product was time consuming. You have to flush the system first, pour the product with water, drain the system, let the car sit for 24 hour and flush it again and refill with coolant. So, after all of this work, there was less white smoke, but the product didn’t fix the problem. Next, we decided to try Bar’s Head Gasket Fix that costs a little more but is still inexpensive. The great thing about this product you don’t need to flush anything and it works with all types of antifreeze.

After using this sealant the result was much better, the white smoke was completely gone and the coolant stopped leaking. The overheating and acceleration has improved. It wasn’t 100% but good enough for my friend to sell the car and make money on it. He did drive it for a few months before selling and it was fine. I’ve tried Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant in the past and I think that it might have worked better since it is a stronger product, but it does cost more. That being said, for $25 I think that Bar’s Head Gasket Fix did a pretty good job.

Consumer Review

Since this is a relatively new product it didn’t get many reviews, but a few reviews that it has are all very positive. Consumer gave this product 4.8 out of 5 stars. They did like how easy it was to use and the low price. It took customers on average about 20 min to fix the head gasket problem. Everybody who ordered from Amazon said the shipping was quick. Consumers felt that product did performed as advertised and would recommend this product to others.

Consumer Quotes

“After much internet research I decided to try this product. I am very pleased to say it works and is well worth the price.”

“Just What I Needed. My car had a blown head gasket and would run hot after running about 20-30mins. I used this product as directed and haven’t had a problem since!”

“I had severe vapor coming from the exhaust after barely three miles of driving. After using this stuff I have driven more than forty miles with no problems. So far, so good.”

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~Mike Davis

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