K-Seal Head Gasket Sealant Review

K-Seal Head Gasket Sealant doesn’t only seal leaks in the head gasket, but is also designed to repair leaks and cracks in cylinder heads, heater core, engine blocks, freeze plugs, radiator and water pump casing. It can be mixed with any types of antifreeze/coolant and works on trucks, buses, motorcycles, cars, agricultural machinery and construction vehicles with diesel engines and water cooled gas. While flowing through the damaged area K-Seal deposits copper particles and ceramic microfibers to seal holes and cracks. The heat from the engine further improves durability of the seal making it last for the lifetime of the car.

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Product features

  • Permanently seals leaks and cracks
  • Mixes with all types of antifreeze
  • There is no draining and no flushing
  • Seals head gaskets, heater cores, and cylinder heads and more
  • Treats cooling systems of up to 20 quarts capacity

My Reivew

Since my uncle is a mechanic who buys and sells used cars, I have plenty of opportunity to test different head gasket sealers. I tried this product on 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse that are prone to have head gasket problems. The leaking head gasket was causing sweet smelling white smoke coming out of the exhaust and the engine was constantly overheated. After ordering K-Seal from Amazon for only $14, I’ve waited 3 days for the product to arrive at my door. I followed the instructions which were very easy. I liked the fact that I didn’t need to flush the system before using it. I shook the bottle for 30 sec to make sure the liquid is well mixed. Then removed some anti-freeze from the system, poured the K-seal into the radiator and refilled it with the anti-freeze to the proper level. Next, I turned on the engine and let it run for about 30 min to make sure the temperature is high enough to make the sealer work.

You can tell when the product started to work, the engine started to run smoother and the heater got warm again. There was no white smoke anymore. After taking this car for a 400-mile road trip it was doing just fine and my uncle was very pleased.

Consumer Reivews

Over 50 consumer reviewed this product giving it 4.2 out of 5 stars. Very high rating can be mainly attributed to the low price and great results. Buyers said the product was fast and effective repairing leaking head gasket. They liked the price and the fast shipping. After trying other brands, some consumers now swear by K-Seal and would definitely recommend it to other car owners. Many positive reviews raved about how much money the product saved them comparing to expensive replacement option. There were only a few negative reviews mostly from customers whose vehicles had more serious damage beyond the capability of a head gasket sealant.

Consumer Quotes

“Works as advertised. I put this in the day after I received it. Ran my engine up to operating temp., and the leaks (heater core) have ceased completely.”

“I bought this product based on a friend’s recommendation and have always been skeptical of these claims of “adding and forgetting”. I must say that I am impressed with the speed of this product.”

“As a last resort I tried K-Seal and am glad to report it worked as advertised. No more overheating and high temp conditions. I highly recommend this product. It worked for me.”

“It is great! I bought two bottles because I was a little skeptical that one little bottle would work. I wasted my money because one bottle did the trick!”

Buy K-Seal Head Gasket Sealant»

~Mike Davis

6 thoughts on “K-Seal Head Gasket Sealant Review

  1. On a trip to Fayetteville, North Carolina, my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 engine severely overheated and showed all the signs of a blown head gasket. The engine had 159,000 miles on it. Soldiers at Fort Bragg helped me out and confirmed the head gasket problem – about a $2500 repair and about 3 days’ work. One of the soldiers, a mechanic, suggested K-Seal, which I bought at the local Pep Boys. I poured the K-Seal into the radiator, and the engine was fine within minutes. The repair wasn’t permanent – but it lasted for more than 30,000 miles at a cost of only $12. I foolishly tried another brand of liquid head gasket repair (a solution that didn’t work completely), and went back to K-Seal. Now the engine has more than 190,000 miles on it and is working fine.

  2. K Seal works great!!!!!!!! I put it in the cover flow tank and let my 00 Monte Carlo run and it sealed my cracked head… So please go buy some because it works………

  3. Iv’e gotten a peugeot partner van 2002 There was always a sweet smell after a couple of minutes drive,I assume the matrix had a very slow leak as It didn’t appear to be losing any water,I used this and after a couplke of miles the small had gone so it has certainly helped me,But as i pointed out it was a very very tiny leak

  4. My 1998 kawasaki zx6r started smoking a oil dropped onto the exhaust manifold. I pulled over and the head gasket had blown and oil was leaking out. I parked it and had it towed to a friend’s place and called around for the best estimate for a full repair then a friend advised me to try k-seal. Loads of reviews on cats but I was unsure about bike engines. My buddy saved me a few hundred dollars at least. .. replacement gasket alone was $130… making the $30 for k-seal a bargain. Followed instructions and was shocked when the bike ran fine and no more leaks. Best product I’ve used in a long time. Simple and effective.

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